Natalia Alfutova and Iaroslav Kravtsov
Co-founders of M15
We explore the intrusion of digital life forms into our old world and look into the abyss of the darkest fears of technological domination over humanity, which run through an infinite number of virtual realities inside and outside the human head looking for the seed of identity.

We live in a dangerous time when technological progress is able to destroy humanity in a matter of seconds. But we have a chance to create a new form of life - digital life. This form is able to travel to the stars and survive for thousand years without air, food, free space or mental illness. Once we reach the stars, we will have access to unlimited resources that will make the concept of death a vague memory of the past and open the gates to digital immortality.

We have to explore all possible ways to make this shift happen: from exploring how people adapt to living side by side with digital personalities to technophobia and techno shamanism, from digital entertainment to digital society, and from understanding the digital mind to understanding ourselves.
"Masterskaya 15" Exhibition history: