An unusual way to hold an online corporate party, team building or make a virtual representation of the company in the Roblox universe
Each world includes:

  • Branding
  • Thematic customization of avatars
  • A set of basic activities/quests and heroes

Every world can be expanded:
  • Additional activities/quests
  • Your favorite things we'll translate into 3D (from your office to your cozy chair)
  • Additional branding
We are the first and only ones who create
events in Roblox in Russian
What is Roblox?
  • More than 150 million active players from around the world
  • As much of a phenomenon as Minecraft, all the kids play it
  • The platform has been around for 16 years and has no plans to stop developing
  • Always in the top 10 of the highest earning games
  • Works even on an old laptop and a cheap phone
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • No need to be a gamer to master
We develop virtual worlds and adventures in them to any order. Why get together for a party via video conferencing if everyone is already tired of group calls at work? It's much more fun when you can run, jump, race, set off fireworks and dive for pearls together with your friends and colleagues.
In virtual reality you can fly between planets, relax on your personal island, visit other dimensions, break the laws of physics, create and destroy worlds. Here we are limited only by our imagination.
Registration of participants
Clicking on the link into the game world
Creating your own avatar
Getting to know the legend and the game world
Action plan
Exploring the world, taking part in activities and looking for Easter eggs along the way
The culminating event
What else do you need to know?
  • Unique appearance
    All event attendees can customize the look of their characters to be unique at the party.
  • Prepare a hashtag
    It is better to prepare in advance for the fact that the participants of the event will shoot and post screenshots and videos of the party on social networks. The hashtag will make it easier to find everyone.
  • Real names
    Above each character will display the owner's first and last name and additional information, such as company department or city of residence.
  • Photos and videos to remember
    We can film the entire event to have a photo report and a beautiful video to remember it by. These memories are sometimes more emotional than offline adventures.
  • Accessibility for all
    You don't have to be an IT guy or a gamer to figure out how to control your character. We keep it simple so that even your grandmother can figure it out.
  • Always relevant
    Many people looked at online events involuntarily, because of the pandemic. And found many pluses in this format: cheaper, you can unite people from different cities, a new bright experience, easy branding.
How does it work?
You write to us
Let us know about your desire for a unique and unforgettable event.
Discussing the concept
We'll ask you a few questions and then come up with some creative ideas to choose from.
Creating Worlds
We agree on an estimate, conclude a contract and begin production. On average, it takes at least one month to prepare a turnkey event from scratch.
We're holding an event
Throughout the event, we are there to support users.
Leave a request
Email us and we will get back to you
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