Rabbit Heart
The platform inhabited by "living" avatars, based on the information from your social network.
21 June - 5 September
Futures of Love Paris, France

"RABBIT HEART" is an interactive platform inhabited by "living" avatars. Avatars are based on the information from social networks. Its members are users who have agreed to give their personal data to the project. The algorithm analyzes the profile information of the user (most commonly used words, phrases, geotags, and photos), as well as neural networks of different orders. As a result, it constructs an animated avatar in the form of an anthropomorphic rabbit. On the one hand, it resembles a popular social networks photo filter, on the other hand it refers to the famous character of the "looking-glass" by L. Carroll.

The project consists of a two-part installation. First is the identification zone of the project participants, from where they are transformed into the second part, a video projection of the digital "glade." A place where avatars-rabbits live and communicate. Another important element of the «RABBIT HEART" is a telegram-bot. It informs everyone about its virtual clone life: the digital characters the avatar communicates with, quarrels, and start or develop the relationships.

The artist is interested in the phenomenon of the oncoming total virtualization. The idea that our life is closely intertwined with the space of social networks and interactive applications. While the "big data" can reveal almost everything about us. Anticipating the theories of futurists, in the near future humanity will completely move into one giant digital cloud, the artist creates a micro-model of the world. The space that inhabits our immortal clones, whose DNA is based on data voluntarily left by us on the Internet.